Venom BJJ Academy Students Having Fun Venom BJJ Academy Students Having Fun Some of the NEW STUDENTS at BGBJJ Warriors all. Oss! 168324982 Bryan Genesse BJJ Academy Eric 1st Stripe Well done Eric. 1St stripe. Eric had trained at another school and came to BGBJJ and deserved his promotion after putting in great work and having a great attitude. 168324983 At JJM's 168007217 Rolling At BGBJJ and RISING SUN 168007218 Bryan Genesse BJJ and Rising Sun Academy 168007219 Bryan Genesse and Master JJ Machado Bryan training with Master JJ Machado 168007220 With Master Rigan Machado 168007533 Bryan and Master Rigan at the Grove 168007534 Good friend Prof Mike Ortiz 168007535 Before competition 168007536 Bryan tossing his competitor 168007537 In the heat of battle 168007538 Bryan winning at Purple Belt at JJM tournament 168007539 Bryan winning Brown Belt Gold 168007540 Pans Silver in 2011 --bryan genesse 168007541 Pans Bronze in 2012 - Bryan Genesse 168007542 WIth the Master 168007543