VENOM Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Rising Sun Karate


Venom BJJ is a BOUTIQUE ACADEMY   with small classes and a lot of personal attention for each student. Professor Genesse restricts class sizes so that each individual receives the best instruction possible. 

Unlike most BJJ schools, ROLLING ALWAYS STARTS STANDING. Professor Genesse teaches a comprehensive self defense style of BJJ that incorporates Judo throws as well as wresting and BJJ take-downs--From Standing to Ground each student will learn to defend themselves. 

Specific, effective kicks are taught to all students too. This way every student is confident in how to close the distance in a self defense situation, strike effectively if necessary and be able to combine strikes with take-downs and submissions with control of any opponent.

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Bryan Genesse is a BLACK  BELT under Professor Jean Jacques Machado. 

Bryan is also an active competitor and here are some of his recent BJJ competition achievements:

2009 – Gold Medalist - Jean Jacques Machado Invitational (Purple Belt)

2009 – Silver Medalist - Jean Jacques Machado Invitational (Purple Belt) Absolute Division

2010 – Gold – Jean Jacques Machado Invitational (Brown Belt)

2011 – Silver -- Pan International Championship – Light Heavy weight (Brown Belt)

2012 – Bronze -- Jean Jacques Machado Invitational (Brown Belt) Absolute Division

2012 – Bronze – Pan International Championship –Light Heavy Weight (Brown Belt)

2013 -- GOLD Pan Champion -- Pan International Championship -- Heavy (Brown Belt)

2013 -- GOLD IBJJF Worlds Masters and Seniors -- World Champion - Heavy (Brown)

Teaching one of the always important Mount Escapes to class with the help of Blue Belt Mitchell.

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